Dr. Ana Catarina Rosa

Dr. Ana Catarina Rosa who started the ACR project, through the joining of 5 companies with vast years in the market, has as her main objective to focus on what she believes in: people.

Dr. Ana Catarina Rosa

Dentist by vocation

Dr. Ana Catarina Rosa, soon had the desire to build a work space that reflected her ethical, moral and professional principles, and that focused on dedicated, caring and human service to her patients.

After several discouraging setbacks within dentistry, which she overcame with motivation, determination and with a team of trust, she started in 2014, with her first clinic, her path in the business world.

Currently, as she says when she has to fill out a form with the question profession, she answers: she is an entrepreneur. She is not a one-project woman; in fact, she has several projects running in tandem.

“I would say that of all the decisions she has made, going forward is the one that has taken her the furthest.”

In 2019, from her entrepreneurial vision, she has created a project that united 3 companies, with several years of market and with the same goals, thus founding the ACR Group® – Medical and Dental Clinics, by Dr. Ana Catarina Rosa®, and the Creative Dental Lab ACR, Dental Prosthesis Laboratory.

In 2021, from her willingness to invest in the growth and projection of ACR Group®, she will go abroad, with the joining of a new clinic to the Group.

She believes it is important to know what her teams think and also to share what is important for her, this way the project will grow: “If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together”.

Progress is impossible without change

Curricular Resume

Dr. Ana Catarina Rosa, born in Lisbon, started her training in Dental Medicine in 2005,
at Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde Sul – Egas Moniz, and since then has developed several courses
in Orthodontics and Oral Surgery.

Immediate Load Course in Implantology - Mollaris Formação
Course on Implants and Implant Prosthesis - Mollaris Formação
International Course on Micro-Implants Dr.ª Patrícia Vergara Villareal
Postgraduate Orthodontics Intercontractive Odontopediatric Orthodontics
III Course in Lingual Orthodontics -Professor PhD Eduardo Prado
Postgraduate Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics - Professor PhD Eduardo Prado
Mechanised Endodontics Course
Course in Veneers Componeer Kit Colténe
Course on Surgery of Included Teeth - Dr. Miguel Costa, Sorriso Natural
Successful Clinics Entrepreneurship Course
Respect and Dignity
Valuing Human Capital
Respect and dignity

Proud to work in a project that values human capital

In any organizational structure, she believes that there are always two big challenges, which are in some way related.

Firstly, to attract and retain talent, which will only be possible when we focus on employee satisfaction. It is motivated employees who do more and better, and who mark the difference on a daily basis, making this Group a reference in care, respect, dedication and dignity towards its patients.

Secondly, it is only possible to maintain a happy and motivated team when we recognise that they are the main strength of the company, that general commitment is necessary for us to go further together and to provide better and greater services.